St Brigid’s Garden Group Reflection

Each week we do garden jobs, like raking the leaves, feeding the chickens, pruning the kiwi fruit vine, pulling out weeds and planting plants. We checked the air temperature, soil temperature, water, and greenhouse temperature. We also check the moon phase each week, the garden conditions and time recorded. We go on fun trips.  

By Isabelle Birrell 

This term in garden we finally got our chickens. Every Wednesday we check for any eggs. Sometimes we cook in the kitchen. In term 1 we cooked apple cinnamon muffins and in term 2 we cooked lemon and rhubarb cookies. We finished the term 2 off by having hot chocolates. We went into 7 days lockdown. We work together as a team. I named my chicken Dani Junior.  

By Daniella Juric   

My experience in the garden for term two was the best because I have felt like I have really connected with the girls in the program. They are fun, exciting but I love spending time with Lisa and Karen because they care for us, and they know that we need time for ourselves. They understand and it has made me feel great about this term. The best experience this term was getting the chickens because they make me feel calm and happy when I feel overwhelmed. For Mother’s Day we made bunny flowerpots for our mums. 

By Kendra Ward 

This term in the garden we finally got our chickens. We got a new boot brush next to the door to wipe our shoes when we come inside. This term was a good term in the garden because we got a lot of jobs done. We always work together as a team. We finished the term off by ordering Hot chocolates from Soft Café and drank them in the garden room. We got to cook Lemon and Rhubarb cookies in the food tech kitchen.  

By Catie Serra 

We have 6 chickens. In term 2 we purchased them from a nearby farm.  I help let the chickens out. I have fun in the garden program. We have lots to do, like garden jobs, mindfulness, journaling and word searches. I like harvesting vegetables and fruits. 

By Ruby Doyle