I love making art, especially drawing and painting and I also love animals. I live in the country and I am surrounded by all sorts of wildlife and find it really inspiring, the animals, nature and the atmosphere of it all together.

During the Covid lockdown I started an art class on Zoom run by Geelong Youth. I especially love watercolours, and this is the main medium used in this picture of a snow leopard. I’m extending upon what I started years ago in these Zoom classes. Now, in my growth project by focusing my painting on wildlife and nature and connecting my sales with a not-for-profit local organisation.

When I sell my artworks, I donate half of it to Surfcoast Wildlife Rescue. They are a local family who help rehabilitate injured wildlife and they do it all by themselves on their farm. Sometimes they hold classes to help other locals learn about what to do if they come across injured wildlife. They get the supplies they need to build safe enclosures on their property and supplies from their own pockets or by donation.

I’m so happy to assist Surfcoast Wildlife Rescue help our local wildlife get a second chance at life and for my love of art to help in some way.

Kyla B, Year 8