Study in the USA

The first step to studying in the United States is researching your options to find a college or university that best fits your needs.

You shouldn’t try to match yourself to the school, but rather find the school that matches you and your priorities and long-term goals.

EducationUSA are hosting virtual sessions during the school holiday period that are be best suited for years 9-11 looking at further study options in the USA.


Program Summary

General Session

Tuesday Sept 29th at 2pm – 3pm – Register at:

This session provides guidance on U.S. undergraduate study, including university application procedures and standardized testing.


Wednesday Sept 30th at 4pm – 5:15pm – Register at:

Would you like to study at a U.S. College and be recruited as a student-athlete? Would you like to keep it on your list of possible options? This session will address opportunities available through college sports particularly NCAA for students, parents, teachers and coaches. Join us as we simplify the process.



Thursday Oct 1st at 4pm – 5:15pm – Register at:

Are you aspiring to be recruited as a student-athlete at an NCAA division I or II program? Do you understand what the requirements are? Have you mapped out your subject for years 9-12? Do you understand what the 16 core course requirements are? Or do you just want to make sure you are still on track.