It was exiting to hear the news that, although we cannot run with Triumph as a full celebration day with all schools as planned, we are still able to run “Triumph lite” at Clonard this year. Apart from a day of celebrating together, the day also retains its focus of fundraising for Timor Leste and specifically for our sister school in Viqueque.

As a result of past fundraising from BBQs last year and ongoing generous staff donations we have been able to contribute to the funding of a school librarian and an English program for students in our sister school. 

Education is vital for the young people in East Timor and will hopefully lead to them being able to undertake studies and training to in a whole range of professions and careers. From education grows employment possibilities and, from there, a pathway out of poverty. Our efforts at Triumph this year will help so many families in so many ways, giving them opportunities they will not otherwise experience.

Even though our school immersion tours for students have been suspended due to the pandemic, it raises the importance of ongoing fundraising whilst we remain apart. We hope one day to have school groups from Clonard returning to visiting our friends in East Timor but fundraising at Triumph will go a long way to supporting our sister school, all students who attend and their families.