Students participated in two separate tree planting days with The Koala Clancy Foundation (KCF) who received funding to work with school groups this year. The KCF conduct their hands on planting days throughout the winter months and Clonard students participated during August, in Lara, and in Teesdale on private properties.

The seedlings included a mix of eucalyptus, shrubs, wildflowers, and grasses to ensure a diverse ecosystem of plants. The holes were predrilled prior to help correctly space where each seedling is placed. Then a seedling, with stakes and tree guard were placed by each hole. Students were required to carefully plant the seedling and then ensure the tree guards were staked around it.

The PreCAL class along with Ms Anticev, Rachael, and Lisa were involved in the Lara day out near the You Yangs and planted well over 650 trees. The Year 9 Life Science class and Brigid’s Garden Program students with Ms Jackson, India, and Lisa went to Teesdale and were involved in the planting over 500 trees. The Teesdale project is working with local landowners to help create more habitat for the Inverleigh koala population.

Koala Clancy Foundation – Caring for Koala Habitat

Lifeline for Inverleigh Koalas – Koala Clancy Foundation