Swimming Carnival

It was a cool start to Friday the 5th of March, but this did not deter our College Sport Captains’ enthusiasm in running their first event as Captains. The Captains were at the pool early to set up their designated areas in a colorful display of House colors and their theme. Maintenance, P.E. staff, diving judges and recorders were also down at the pool early ensuring all was set up for a smoothly run carnival.

The main pool had plenty of swimming action competing in the competitive events to gain valuable House points. House Spirit was loud with plenty of chanting and cheering helping all swimmers to reach the finish line. There were 4 records broken: Sienna McInnes Year 8 50 metre freestyle, Annabelle Stacey of Year 8 smashed the diving record with some very impressive dives. Tahnie-Jai King Year 12 and Grace Clark Year 11 also broke diving records. Novelty events were also popular with non-swimmers enjoying dry land events for this first time, relay board races and ball passing events. The much-anticipated Year 12 final swim was a highlight for these girls to embrace their final swimming carnival ever at Clonard.

Staff v student relay race was held at the end of the day with eight enthusiastic staff to take on eight very exhausted student swimmers. The race got off to a cracking start with students taking the lead, a slow but steady staff were not far behind but decided it was time to motor ahead and take back the cup.

Xavier were the champions for 2021 by .3 of a point.

As always, there was a lot of hard work and preparation from House Captains ensuring that all students turn up to the right events at the right time and fill any gaps in relay teams. Thanks must also go to all staff ensuring the day ran smoothly.

Swimming Champions:

Year 7 Esme Conlan-Lelia

Year 8 Sienna McInnes-Finian

Year 9 Aisha Cajayon-Xavier

Year 10 Bella Dripps-Xavier

Year 11 Ella Mustovic-Kildare

Year 12 Charlotte Steenhuis-Finian

Overall Swimming Champion-Ella Mustovic-Kildare


Diving Champions:

Year 7 Lana Maiolo-Kildare

Year 8 Annabelle Stacey-Finian

Year 9 Chelsea Tarka-Finian

Year 10 Lelia Timberlake-Xavier

Year 11 Grace Clarke-Lelia

Year 12 Tahnie-Jai King-Finian

Overall Diving Champion-Annabelle Stacey-Finian


Novelty Cup-Xavier

Diving Championship-Xavier

Relay Championship-Finian

House Spirit Championship-Kildare

House Champions-Xavier