Tri-UMPH Lite @ Clonard

Next Tuesday, 23 August is the official launch of Tri-UMPH Lite @ Clonard.

The Tri-UMPH Leaders have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure students still get to experience ‘Tri-UMPH’, albeit in a modified format.

Being held on Friday 9 September at Clonard College, the goal of Tri-UMPH Lite remains the same; to raise $30,000 to provide scholarships for trainee teachers in Viqueque. 

Keep your eye out for the official schedule next week, but planned activities include:

  • Casual dress day in the colours of the Timor Leste flag (red, black, yellow) or Tri-UMPH (orange) with students being asked to give a five dollar donation (or other gold coin donation) towards the Tri-UMPH appeal. Wristbands from Timor Leste will be given to all students for their donation
  • Tri-UMPH merchandise will be available shortly (all profit go towards the fundraising efforts) and students are encouraged to wear their Tri-UMPH merchandise on the day
  • Raffle tickets are now on sale. Win an ‘X box’ or other cool prizes. The raffle will be drawn on the day at St Joseph’s. You can purchase your tickets here: Triumph Music Festival Fundraising Raffle | RaffleLink
  • Performances by Clonard students and other special guests
  • A BBQ lunch and orange ‘Tri-UMPH donuts will be available for purchase

Stay tuned for more updates after Tuesday’s official launch.