VCE Design and Technology

What is this subject about?

Empowering the emerging designers and product developers of the future towards ethical, sustainable, and innovative practice.

Why Choose this subject-

At the forefront of sustainable design and technology practices, Design Creatives (Design & Technology) leads to sustainable design employment opportunities. We need to Re-think, Re-use, Re-configure, Re-develop, Re-interpret and Re-imagine the practices of today into the innovations of tomorrow.

This subject accommodates all abilities and levels of experience.


What are we going to be studying?

Unit 1 – Product Redesign and Sustainability

Unit 2- Collaborative Design

Unit 3- Applying the product Design process

Unit 4 – Product Development and Evaluation.


Excursion/ Guest speakers /Top Designs/ Contemporary Designers

Possible Materials/Products Concepts include:

Fashion:  garment designs & costume design.

Accessory Design– bags, purses, phone covers, shopping bags & computer bags. ECT.

Home wares – lampshades, ceramics, beeswax wraps, bean bags, cushions, quilts, bedding,    

Macramé potholders.

Textiles Design – Printmaking – photo emulsion/ digital/ stencil, weaving, knitting, fabric manipulation – digital/ laser printing.

Jewellery Making – Sustainable designs, up-cycled, mould making, beading and ceramics.

Exhibition & Marketing


Where does this Subject go?

VCE subject/s:

Year 11 – Units 1 & 2 – Design Creatives (Design & Technology)

Year 12 – Units 3 & 4 – Design Creatives (Design & Technology

* Other possibilities could be Unit 3 & 4 Studio Art, Unit 3 & 4 Digital Technology, Unit 3 & 4 Visual Communication and Design.

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:

* Artist * Illustrator * Animator, Painter Photographer *Printmaker
* Fashion designer *Textile Designer *Costume Designer* Patternmaker *Jeweller *Milliner *Upholsterer

*Ceramicist *Industrial Designer
* Craftsperson
* Art teacher, University Lecturer,
* Architect, Interior Designer, Interior Decorator
* Graphic designer, Web designer, Advertising Account Executive, Web developer/designer
* Art gallery director, Curator

* Cartoonist
* Art therapist
* Art historian
* Multimedia developer
* Conservator
* Museum curator
* Urban and  regional planner
* Set designer
* Sculptor
* Art critic
* Arts  administrator
* Cartographer
* Cultural heritage officer