VCE Economics

What is this subject about?

Economics studies how people, businesses and governments use their limited resources (money). It explores what is profitable, how individuals and businesses take advantage of economic circumstances to better themselves financially and how you can do this in the future!

Economics is a very current subject. It changes every year depending on how the Australian economy is performing, changes in interest rates and the government of the day and their spending.

What are we going to be studying?

* How households and businesses alter their demand for products or supply of products and how that impacts on prices

* A range of different markets such as housing and sharemarket (how you can invest your money in the future)

* The governments key goals for the economy

    • Strong economic growth

    • Full employment

    • Low inflation

    • External stability (more money coming into Australia than going overseas)

    • Equity in income distribution (fair incomes for all)

* Changes to interest rates and why people (probably your parents) talk about this so much!

* How the government spends your tax

Where does this subject go?

This subject will give you a great lead into the following VCE subject/s:

* Works exceptionally well with global politics, accounting and business management

* Helps with English

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:

* Accountant
* Bank officer
* Commodities trader
* Economist
* Financial planner
* Importer and exporter
* Investment banker
* Parliamentarian
* Statistician
* Stockbroker
* Treasurer