VCE English

The English language is central to the way in which students understand, critique and appreciate their world, and to the ways in which they participate socially, economically and culturally in Australian society.

The study of English encourages the development of literate individuals capable of critical and imaginative thinking, aesthetic appreciation and creativity. The mastery of key knowledge and skills underpins effective functioning in the contexts of study and work as well as productive participation in a democratic society in the twenty-first century. Students will continue the learning established through the Victorian Essential learning Standards (VELS) in the key discipline concepts of texts and language, and the dimensions of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The study of texts focuses on creating and analysing texts, understanding and interpreting texts, and moving beyond interpretation to reflection and critical analysis.

The study is made up of 4 units.

Unit 1
In this area of study, students engage in reading and viewing texts with a focus on personal connections with the story, as well as engage with and develop an understanding of effective and cohesive writing. They explore ideas and values presented in text and develop their own imaginative, persuasive and informative texts.

Unit 2
In this unit, students continue to engage with the ideas and values within texts and develop their analytical writing skills. They analyse arguments presented and the use of persuasive language in texts and create their own texts intended to position audiences. Students develop their skills in creating written, spoken and multimodal texts. 

Unit 3
In this unit, students read and respond to texts analytically and creatively. They analyse arguments and the use of persuasive language in texts.

Unit 4
In this unit, students compare the presentation of ideas, issues and themes in texts. They create an oral presentation intended to position audiences about an issue currently debated in the media.

Satisfactory Completion
Demonstrated achievement of outcomes specified for the unit. This decision on the teacher’s assessment of the student’s performance on assessment tasks designed for the unit.

Levels of Achievement

Unit 1 and 2
The individual school will determine levels of achievement.

Unit 3 and 4
School-assessed coursework and examinations.
Unit 3 school-assessed coursework: 25 per cent
Unit 4 school-assessed coursework: 25 per cent
End-of-year examination: 50 per cent.