VCE Health & Human Development

What is this subject about?

VCE Health and Human Development provides students with broad understandings of health and wellbeing. Students learn how important health and wellbeing is to themselves and to families, communities, nations and global society. Students explore biological, sociocultural and environmental factors that support and improve health and wellbeing and those that put it at health at risk.

Unit 1 – Understanding Health and Wellbeing
In this unit students identify personal perspectives and priorities relating to health and wellbeing, and enquire into factors that influence health attitudes, beliefs and practices, including among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Students look at the dimensions of health and wellbeing, the influences on health and wellbeing and the indicators used to measure and evaluate health status. With a focus on youth, students consider their own health as individuals and as a group. They build health literacy through interpreting and using data, through investigating the role of food, health and nutrition.

Unit 2 – Managing Health and Development
In this unit students investigate transitions in health and wellbeing, and development, from lifespan and societal perspectives. Students look at changes and expectations from youth to adulthood. This unit examines adulthood as a time of increasing independence and responsibility, involving the establishment of long-term relationships, possible considerations of parenthood and management of health-related changes. Student investigate the challenges and opportunities presented by digital media and health technologies, and consider issues surrounding the use of health data and access to quality health care and Australia’s health care system.

Unit 3 – Australia’s Health in a Globalised World
In this unit students begin to explore health and wellbeing as a global concept. Students look at the fundamental conditions required for health improvement. They use this knowledge as background to their analysis and evaluation of variations in the health status of Australians. Area of Study 2 focuses on health promotion and improvements in population health over time. Students look at various public health approaches and different models as they research health improvements and evaluate successful programs.

Unit 4 – Health and Human Development in a Global Context
This unit examines health and wellbeing, and human development in a global context. Students investigate health status and burden of disease in different countries, exploring factors that contribute to health inequalities between and within countries, including the physical, social and economic conditions in which people live. They consider the health implications of increased globalisation and worldwide trends relating to climate change, digital technologies, world trade and the mass movement of people. Area of Study 2 looks at global action to improve health and wellbeing and human development, focusing on the United Nations’ (UN’s) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the work of the World Health Organization (WHO). Students also investigate the role of non-government organisations and Australia’s overseas aid program.

VCE Health and Human Development offers students a range of pathways and caters to those who wish to pursue further formal study in areas such as:

* health promotion,
* community health research and policy development,
* humanitarian aid work,
* allied health practices,
* education, and the
* health profession.