VCE Literature

What is this subject about?

Lit is about diving into amazing texts written by inspirational and sometimes very quirky authors and swimming around in their complexity.  It is about becoming text experts – being able to talk about texts with authority and power.  It is about becoming really confident writing about texts in a way that convinces others we know exactly what we’re talking about.  Lit is about becoming master interpreters being able to see the way a text works and, even more, being able to explain it to others.

In Lit we will study some fantastic texts – plays, novels, films and poetry.  We read them, talk about them, work out how they work and what they are trying to say.  It’s powerful stuff.

What are we going to be studying?

* We will study two novels and work through passage analyses and review reviews of them to see if they are accurate
* We will study a film and write an analysis of a theme
* We’ll see a Shakespeare play and do a review
* We’ll write an essay on a collection of poems by a wonderful poet
* We’ll compare and contrast a short story with a short film

Where does this subject go?

This subject will give you a great lead into the following VCE subject/s:
* Literature
* Helps a lot with English
* Helps a lot with History
* Is a good mix with Global Politics too

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:

* Writer
* Lit Critic
* Director
* Historian
* Journalist
* Lawyer
* Teacher
* Sociologist
* Public relations