VCE Music Performance

What is this subject about?

VCE Music Performance is about developing and refining solo and group performance skills. This involves investigating performance techniques across a diverse range of styles and contexts and exploring/expanding personal music interests, knowledge and experiences.

Music performance can be studied on any instrument including voice.

What are we going to be studying?

Units 1 and 2 focus on building performance and musicianship skills.

* Students present performances of solo and group works.

* We’ll be studying the work of other performers in order to optimise your own approach to performance.

* You’ll identify technical, stylistic and expressive challenges in your performance pieces and develop strategies to address these challenges.

* We’ll study aural, theory and analysis to develop your musicianship skills.

Units 3 and 4 prepare students to refine their ability to present convincing performances.

* Students prepare and present performances of solo and/or group works selected from a list prescribed by VCAA. The Unit 4 Performance exam requires you to specialise in solo OR group performance.

* We’ll develop skills and knowledge to achieve consistency and control of instrumental and performance techniques in a variety of music styles and diversity of character.

* We’ll build on the musicianship skills developed in Units 1 and 2.

Subject Prerequisites

* No prerequisites to Units 1, 2 or 3.
* You must do Units 3 and 4 together.
* It’s strongly recommended that you have achieved a performance level of AMEB grade 5 or equivalent before entering Unit 1. This is because the pieces chosen for the Unit 4 performance exam must come from a list prescribed by VCAA. These pieces range in difficulty from approximately AMEB Grade 6 to Licentiate level.

* A basic understanding of theory/aural is very helpful.

Where does this subject go?

This subject will give you a great lead into the following VCE subject/s:
* Music Investigation
* Music Style and Composition
* VET Music

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:

* Musician/Vocalist
* Music teaching
* Music administration
* Music therapy
* Anything in the Music industry (composing, remixing, sound engineer, etc)