VCE Specialist Mathematics

What is this subject about?

Specialist mathematics is the furthest extension of mathematics at the VCE level. The subject is designed around application style mathematics, taking real world problems and using mathematics to find real solutions. This subject is ideal for any students interested in studying engineering or pursuing a career in the medical field. 

What are we going to be studying?

* Complex and Imaginary Numbers
* Vectors / Vector Calculus
* Kinematics / Mechanics
* Functions and Relations 
* Probability / Statistics
* Differentiation
* Antidifferentiation / integration
* Circular functions

Where does this subject go?

Specialist is not needed to get into most university courses however it is useful at the university level. Studying Specialist Mathematics allows students to get a better understanding of applied mathematics which in turn helps them perform at a higher level for Mathematical Methods. It is important to consider Specialist as a subject if you wish to pursue a career in engineering or the medical field.

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at careers in these fields: Engineering, Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Finance, Actuary Mathematics, Information Technology. For example (this is just a selection of many possibilities): 

* Actuary

* Aerospace engineer
* Agricultural scientist
* Biochemist
* Engineer
* Environmental engineer
* Financial dealer/broker/analyst
* Medical scientist
* Optometrist
* Pilot
* Programmer
* Radiation therapist
* Urban Planner