VCE Subject Selection

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About VCE Subject Selection

All Clonard College students undertake a full load of VCE: five sequences of Units 1 – 4. *

Year 11

Students in Year 11 in 2021 have the option to take either:

4 subjects + English + RE OR
5 subjects + English + RE

When considering whether you will take 4 or 5 subjects + English + RE, please think about:

Advantages of 4 + English + REDisadvantages of 4 + English + RE
Students have independent study time in the school week.Less exposure to subjects – students sometimes discover a subject they particularly love that was going to just be the 6th they would drop
Students can develop their independent study skills with time to practise themLess variety in subjects
Reduced stress from fewer competing subjectsStudents may risk wasting time in the school day by not managing their independent study time well.
More time to focus on the fewer subjects with the aim to improve outcomes.
Students on a full Year 11 course (5 + English + RE) have to drop one at the end of Year 11
Year 12

Students typically undertake 4 subjects + English + RE.  Exceptions to this are students who have accelerated into Unit 3 & 4 studies in Year 10 or 11. 

Students are expected to continue into Year 12, the 4 elected subjects and English (students who have done Literature in Units 1 & 2 may choose to take Literature instead of English).  Students are discouraged from entering a Unit 3 & 4 study without the relevant Unit 1 & 2 study. 

VCE Subjects

*There are some exceptions to the full load requirement.  Students who have extensive physical and / or mental health issues can apply for a reduced load.  This requires documented support from a professional third-party and must be ongoing.


If I need to know more, who should I ask?

If you have questions about courses and subject requirements:  

Ms Steph Baulch  – Careers Practitioner

If you have questions about specific subjects:

Ask the relevant Learning Leader who will either answer the question or direct you to someone who can:

If you have questions about Pathways:

If you have questions about subject selection processes:

Ms Jo Ryan Assistant Principal (Learning and Wellbeing)