VTAC Application

Year 12 – Applications for University, TAFE and other Higher Education Providers

The VTAC online application for our Year 12 students applying for further study at TAFE, University or other Independent Tertiary Providers opened on the 3rd August 2020. Timely applications close 30th of September 2020. Year 12 students will be required to pay a fee of $41.00 to VTAC for a ‘timely application’ to be processed.

Applicants must submit at least one preference and pay the fee to activate the VTAC process.  Students can choose up to 8 preferences; however, they do not have to use all 8 in the application. Students should always list their preferences in the order of what they most want to study and where they most want to go and include only courses they would consider accepting. It is important that the preference list has pathway plans and includes a course considered a ‘sure thing’.

When students are reviewing their preferences, it is vital that they read the essential requirements and admission criteria for selection. Some courses require students to submit additional information early. The closing dates for some courses requiring additional information is as early as September! Essential requirements and admission criteria are listed in the course search details.

As part of the VTAC application process, students can apply for extra consideration through SEAS, Special Entry Access Scheme. There are four categories under which SEAS is granted, personal information and location, disadvantaged financial background, disability or medical condition and difficult circumstances. Three of these categories require additional information from the applicant. This should be actioned as early as possible. Further information regarding SEAS and other information pertaining to VTAC can be found on the VTAC website, www.vtac.edu.au. All students are encouraged to apply for Category ONE, personal information and location and Category FOUR, difficult circumstances.

Students have been briefed on the VTAC process.

Here are more information and viewing options:

A recorded presentation explaining the VTAC application process is now available to view on demand.

Students and parents can also book into a live webinar to see VTAC information and have the opportunity to ask questions throughout. See the list of events and further information .

udents studying a VCE course at Units 3 & 4, this includes Year 10 and 11 students, can register at www.resultsandatar.vic.edu.au . Candidates need their VCAA number to access this service. Students will receive their VCE results and ATAR on 30 Dec 2020 from 7.00am (online). Gabrielle Mahon will be available at school for change of preference advice on Wednesday 30th from 9am.

Any questions can be directed to Gabrielle Mahon via email at gabrielle.mahon@clonard.vic.edu.au

Gabrielle Mahon
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