Western Region Youth Mental Health Collective

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Clonard College has collaborated with Victoria University and three Catholic Colleges in the development of the Research Project: Strengthening and Increasing Support to Vulnerable Students: An Exploratory Study Reference group, as part of the Western Region Youth Mental Health Collective.

Some students find it difficult to stay connected to their school, to other students and to their studies.  Schools understand that they have an important part to play in making sure that struggling students receive the help and support they need during these times. This week parents and staff provided valuable input via Focus Groups held at Clonard.  These contributions, participants views and ideas provided to the study will help Clonard and other schools strengthen, design and deliver support programs to students who are struggling to attend school and manage their studies.

We are extremely grateful to the staff and parents who came to the focus groups for the time and wisdom given to this important research.