On Friday 31 March, the Pre Voc VM class participated in a Women in Trade Day at the Gordon which included an introduction into 3 types of trades: Auto, Carpentry and Electrical with many other schools. We were also presented with a safety kit which included safety glasses, fluro vest, gloves, and information about trades.

In the Auto session we had the opportunity to jack up a car, swap out all four wheels, and then replace the wheels. In Electrical we created a circuit using batteries, copper wire, and magnets that caused the copper wire to spin. In Carpentry we created a keepsake box. The Gordon provided lunch and while eating guest speakers spoke to us about their professional experiences in trade.

Also, there were three awards made, one for each trade. Sarah Crook – one of our own Clonard students received the Electrical Trade Award, receiving a toolkit, safety hat, and certificate.

After the Gordon we visited Viva Energy and learnt how they make the petrol and how much they make a day. We also learnt about the different trades there are in this business, how many years it takes to complete an apprenticeship and what career opportunities are available at Viva.

Lacey Nolan (PreVOC, Year 10)