Work Placement Reflection

Although most of our students were unable to continue with Work Placement this term because of current restrictions, Chloe Senkans was able to continue her placement working remotely with us at Clonard. We thank Chloe for her willingness, enthusiasm, great communication and resilience. It has been a pleasure having her assistance and we are confident Chloe’s skills will take her far. 

As part of my Year 12 VCAL Studies I had the opportunity to complete a Work placement with Clonard College remotely every
Friday during term 3.

Throughout the placement, I was supporting the Media and Communications role. Over the past 10 weeks, I undertook various roles which included working on adding fortnightly newsletter articles to the Clonard college website, creating career profile posters of Old Collegians, working on excel documents, administration jobs and a few other tasks to do with careers and Old Collegians.

While completing these roles I learnt how to use WordPress which is used to create articles and posts on the Clonard Website. This program is also commonly used when working with websites, learning this skill is very valuable for my future. Creating the career profile posters also improved my working knowledge of Adobe In design and creating page layouts.

This Work Placement has been a wonderful and valuable learning experience for me. I really enjoyed completing all the work and I’m grateful for all the skills I gained which will help me continue with my studies in the Graphic design and Arts industry in the future.

Chloe Senkans, Year 12