Year 11 Food Studies did a Mystery Box Challenge. We had a wonderful selection of dishes created from homemade tagliatelle pasta with chicken and potatoes, handmade dan dan noodles with chicken, potato gnocchi with red sauce, spicy chili chicken and rice, teriyaki chicken and rice, chicken and tomato pasta, cinnamon apple crumble and acia bowls.


Our food tech class had a fun MasterChef challenge where we all got a different mystery box and had to create a dish in the double period, using at least three of the ingredients provided. It was a really enjoyable task as everyone was able to be creative with there choice of a dish and work quickly to complete it in the given time period. Dishes ranged from hand made Italian pasta to classic apple crumble! Ms Mackenzie put lots of effort into making this as realistic and similar to the real MasterChef show and allowing everyone a great end to the first semester of Yr 11 Food Studies – so we thank her!

Evie Reed – Year 11