Year 11 Modern History excursion to The Jewish Holocaust Museum

On Tuesday 25 June, the Year 11 VCE Modern History class went to the Holocaust Museum in Elsternwick. We participated in a workshop where we talked about how Jewish people lived in Nazi Germany and their lives before, during and after the Holocaust. We handled artifacts from the period which we analysed to gain a greater understanding and insight into areas such as use of propaganda, deception and acts of courage. We also had the privilege to listen to the story of a holocaust survivor, Joe Szwarcberg. Joe’s message to the world is, “to be kind always.” Students came away with a new understanding of the period.

Student reflections:

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I found it very educational and special to be able to talk to Joe, who experienced the Holocaust firsthand as a young boy, learning about his connection with his family was also very wholesome and moving. Despite having prior knowledge on the Holocaust, I felt this experience provided a new perspective, clarity and a deeper understanding regarding the gruesome reality of the Holocaust and all the inner details surrounding it. – Isla

I really enjoyed all aspects of the museum especially hearing from Joe Szwarcberg, having an experience that was personal and interactive for us. Overall having a survivor speak to us was amazing and interesting as we could ask questions. – Ava

Both touring the museum and listening to holocaust survivor Jo Szwarcberg was a great experience. Having a guided tour was also incredibly informative as she went into detail on specific moments; supported through the artifacts we were looking at. – Elissa

I really enjoyed the touring of the museum, having a descendant survivor of the Holocaust communicate about their parents past and the strife they endured really contributed to the enlightening atmosphere of the environment. This was furthered by the abundant amount of knowledge she had to give to both the students and teachers. – Ella

I really enjoyed visiting the museum and I thought it was a great opportunity to hear from Joe Szwarcberg, a survivor of the Holocaust who had very important lessons and amazing insight to share with us. – Phoebe