Year 12s Wellbeing session

Taking a break from their studies – which they are doing an amazing job at, the Year 12s completed a fitness session during Wellbeing earlier today where they were put through their paces by David and Bri Morgan from The Geelong Athlete Centre. The session was a roaring success. Students who didn’t complete the session were still able to look after their wellbeing whilst completing a mindfulness activity from their student diary.

As has been taught across the school throughout Wellbeing (and other subjects) this year – maintaining your physical health is just as important as looking after your mental health.

Below is just some of the feedback that has been collected, which as you can tell was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to David and Bri for running the session – the girls are already looking forward to what you have in store for the next week!


Today’s PT session was very good, and I thought that it was much needed. It was a nice break from schoolwork and cleared the mind as well as making me feel great after I did it. I thought it was a great session and would love to do it again.

I felt really energised afterwards and it was good to have different levels to be able to push yourself. I think it’d be great to have again!

I really enjoyed the session today. I really enjoyed being active again. David and Bri were very engaging and made the session enjoyable for me to do. 

AMAZING! David doing the workout was great as a demonstration and with Bri’s encouragement, I was able to stay motivated to keep on working hard.

It was a great session. I liked the progressions and really enjoyed the session as it challenged me. I felt great after the session, as I felt like I had done something and felt motivated to get on with my day.

This session was a great way to be active whilst at home and being able to get to class straight after. The session was super fun and hard work but made me feel energised and ready for my next classes.

I really enjoyed today’s session as sport has been cancelled, I haven’t done as much physical activity as recommended so this was good! I thought the activities we did were good as well and I liked having different levels/options to suit everyone’s abilities.

The PT session today was great. As someone who frequents the gym and hasn’t been able to because of Coronavirus, it felt amazing to be getting back into some good body weight exercises. The varied exercises and different skill/strength levels were great.

It was very good to get up and moving, I liked that they had the three levels of difficulty to cater to everyone’s abilities, especially for such a large group. I enjoyed how quick it was also.

It was a wonderful session that left me feeling energised and motivated for my next class! I loved it and can’t wait to do it again 🙂