Year 7 students were invited to write a 100 word book review of their new Year 7 English novel, Walking the Boundaries, by Jackie French.

The winner of the competition was Annabelle Stone. Ruby Kelly also received a prize for her entry.

Thank you to all the students who entered the book review competition.

Mr Ryan

You can read the Book Reviews below.

Walking the Boundaries is a book that brings the main character through the past, it shows who used to own the farm and how their actions changed the future. It also presents the evolution of culture by highlighting what our indigenous ancestors did, and their beliefs. I personally like the fact that it takes us through a journey and teaches us about our past. The fact that this taught us things about our ancestors and their traditions, and that it has been passed through multiple generations, and the tradition still stays the exact same as the first one that did.
Annabelle Stone

This book is a wonderful read and would be good for all ages. The way the author wrote it was magnificent and I was able to understand easily. I enjoyed the various types of culture presented in the story as they made me realise how interestingly the different time frames were so distinct yet so alike. The author made the characters so perfectly matched to their own time and it came out as such an intriguing story. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about a heartfelt journey that has a lot of great flaws to it.
Ruby Kelly