Year 7 Camp


At first I was nervous and thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it but when I got on and stood up it was really fun one time I actually fell off and was trying to get back on but it was really hard.  Then a kayak came and ran me over and it was really funny. When I got back on I went to everyone else and we did a bunch of activities. We had to line up then we had to race. We had to do tricks then we ran across the boards and went back for dinner but before we went back, we all jumped in. – Dakottah


We got a GPS and a timer and a bag to put the toys in that we had to find with the GPS. I had never done this before so when I looked at the GPS and started following it to the destination and I went to a whole different spot. – Eden


Raft building was one of the most challenging but the most fun activity at camp. We got in to teams of four and picked a letter Y,M,C or A I chose Y which meant I was in that team. We then made a plan and built the raft. Our team was going good until we hit a roadblock. One of the parts we made for the barrels was too big so we had to just work with it. I swam and pushed our raft to the island.  Y and M made the best damper and a tea. – Paige


At first, I was scared to jump off the jetty but when I jumped off I wanted to do it again and again. So for my second turn I jumped off with Ms.Payne and we made a big bomb and it was really fun to relax in the water and watch my group jump off. – Bella


It was the most fearless time of my life. Our group had 2 options of a board light blue and light red. Keira tried to bump me and hopefully get me in the water which did not really work. I jumped up quickly and put my knees on the board. I slowly stood back up. We had to do all these things and I fell in when we had to do a tree pose and the leader had her apple watch on. I really really wanted to push her in. 🙂 And sadly I did not.   I was really having so much fun that I lost count of time and in no time, It was over and that was the most sad time of my life. I really liked trying to push the leader in. – Laura


Looking down my stomach was turning as the YMCA leader was counting down. I remembered that my friend was so nervous but did it.  I was thinking about that when she said 3,2,1, I jumped it was so fun. I remembered feeling that I felt I was on top of the world. I did it three times and I went upside down for one and I did the leap of faith. It was so much fun and I wish I could go back again. – Morgan


This was one of the most amazing but challenging activities at camp! It was so enjoyable I loved jumping rock to rock and slipping in all the little cracks, we went down ladders and went across the lake in a little raft We split into two groups and had to work as a team to get across. The most challenging bit was getting up a steep hill. As much as it was hard, it was so fun doing it with my friends. – Olivia