Year 7 Connection Conversations


Connection Conversations are an opportunity for families to check in with their daughter’s Wellbeing teacher. Rather than a focus on academics, these conversations have a wellbeing approach where we will discuss the current Wellbeing program being implemented in the classroom and your daughter can share her experiences with you.

This is also an opportunity to learn about the extra-curricular activities your daughter is involved in and learn about other opportunities available. Ultimately, this is a time to gather together to address any issues, set goals for the next week, term or year and celebrate the positive things that are happening.

In Term 2, we have scheduled Connection Conversations to take place after school between 3:30-6.00pm with 10-minute timeslots in your daughter’s Wellbeing classroom.

Week 6 – Wednesday May 26th and Thursday May 27th  

NOTE: (Bookings for 7R will close Wednesday May 26th at midday) 

  • 7 Red (Room J06)

Week 7 – Wednesday June 2nd  and Thursday June 3rd  

  • 7 Blue (Room J02)
  • 7 Yellow (Room J03)
  • 7 Green (Room J04
  • 7 White (Room J05)
  • 7 Purple (Room J07)

NOTE: (Bookings for 7B, 7Y, 7G, 7W and 7P will close Friday, May 28th at 5pm) 

Families are asked to book their conversation online using PAM:

If you do not have your PAM login details, please send an email to the ICT Helpdesk (  

Conversations will be held in your daughter’s wellbeing classroom between 3:30-6:00pm. 

We look forward to connecting again with you and your daughter.