The Year 7 students proudly and passionately presented their Semester One ‘Growth Day’ projects to their peers, teachers and other staff members at Clonard on Wednesday, June 26. As stated by one Clonard staff member: “It was amazing! I was so impressed with the diversity of Growth Day ideas and initiatives. They were so individual and special – just like our students! Well done everyone!”

Students reflected on their own learning and Growth Day projects, and were also able to seek feedback from their peers using the following questions:

What is the evidence of learning in the project? 

What other evidence could be included?

How was Agency in Learning (any element) shown in the presentation? 

What excites you about this presentation? 

Some student comments:

“The growth day expo was so nice! Everyone was so impressed with each others’ work and were so excited to hear about what process each of us went through to get to the point we all are at! it was amazing to hear some feedback and compliments.” (Georgia S 7R)

“The expo was very fun. I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s projects. I saw some brilliant projects. I was very interested with what other people did. When it came to people looking at my project, I I was a bit worried. But before I knew it, we were done. I enjoyed people asking questions. When I met the person who was assessing me, I felt that they were very interested and showed a lot of respect when it came to listening to me. I loved the expo. Thank you to the teachers who made it all possible.”   (Avah B 7P)

“Thankyou so much for giving us a great opportunity to show our progress to out friends and peers. It was such a fun experience and was great seeing everyone’s amazing designs.”  (Lily F 7Y)

We look forward to Semester Two to once again witness some incredible learning and diverse projects.