Year 7 Guest Speaker – Sr Kate O’Neill

The Year 7 students, welcomed guest speaker, Sr Kate O’Neill On Thursday 5 May. Sr Kate, a former Clonard College student spent the past 19 year working with children in Manilla in the Philippines.

The premise of the talk was to, ‘Understand more about the real world context for the novel Trash being studied by the Year 7 students during Term two.’

“I learnt that the boys from Manilla got kicked out of their homes because the girls were more useful to the families”. Eva

“It was sad to hear that young children went to jail for stealing food as they were hungry”. Miley 

“I thought that it was interesting that the boys and girls went to different schools.” Isabella

“It’s hard to believe that people living in Manilla have to scavenge in piles of rubbish looking for food and only finding enough for one meal a day.” Eden