Year 7 Wellbeing First-Aid Kits

Main image: Alana Mitchell Year 7Y

Create your own Wellbeing First Aid Kit

We all know that we should have a first aid kit for emergencies – at home, at school, in the car, on the boat or plane etc. We are all used to the idea that if something happens physically to our body, there are ‘must haves’ that will be important in such a situation. When there is an injury, breathing difficulties, or a nasty skin infection or an allergy, we know we must pay attention to the symptoms and see a doctor.  

​ Yet how many of us have a ‘kit’ of tools that are good remedies to deal with distress, anxiety, strong emotions as fear, anger, hate, despair, jealousy, etc.?  

Why don’t we have these ready to go like a normal first aid kit?  Perhaps, we do not consider our mental well-being such an important thing, compared to having a physical first aid kit, such as having a band aid for a cut finger. 

The students in Year 7 were asked to create their own ‘Wellbeing First Aid Kit’. For many, this toolbox has been very useful for the past six weeks during remote learning.

It could have included physical exercises like taking deep breaths, going for a run, walking on the beach etc. It could also include mindfulness, playing games, drawing or listening to music.

The Year 7 students were reminded that having an emotional or wellbeing first aid kit helps you to be mentally healthy. If we follow one significant rule: don’t let any of your strong emotions go with you to bed. There is a very wise old saying in the Bible: “Do not let the sun go down on your anger”, Ephesians 4:26. In other words, for your own sake, sort it today, get relief and stay healthy!

Danielle Rydberg, Year 7W

Amy Ingles, Year 7B

The activities from my emotional first aid kit have really helped me get through this tough time. For example, one of my activities on my kit is playing some netball in my backyard. This has really helped me by being able to go out and shoot some hoops during the breaks. Another image on my kit is walking my dog. I’ve walked my dog so many times during iso and I love it. It really helps get my energy out and I love the sunshine and seeing my dog happy!

Emily Walker Year 7 W

During this epidemic (Covid-19) me and my family have tried to find activities we can do that suit the Quarantine rules. This was quite a challenge as me and my family like going out to places and doing lots of sport. So we thought of somethings we can do to make this negative situation a positive one, which can be hard due to the heart breaking things that have happen, but we were grateful that we were happy and healthy. So to focus on the positive some activities me and my family did, was cooking, we found is fun and a time we could spend with each other, and bonus we get to eat some very yummy food at the end. We also used this time of quarantine to spend some time with each other, so we liked to go for walks together when the sun was setting with our dog. We also use this time to do some cleaning and re-organize some things which made us feel relaxed and refreshed.                                       Danielle Rydberg 7 White

Sienna Lazic, Year 7G

Madison Gavin, Year 7B

In my Wellbeing First-Aid kit, I have a deck of cards that me and my mum play Remy with.  In the deck of cards there are two jokers, in the game the jokers can resemble any card, that’s why the joker is a very good card to receive in the game. When me and my play I almost every time, get the joker which is very lucky. When I need to stop stressing about work, I usually will play Remy with my deck of cards in my Wellbeing First-Aid Kit.

Isobelle Dosen Year 7G

Grace Oakley, Year 7R

One of the most important things I have learnt making my Wellbeing first aid kit would be realizing what actually calms me and makes me feel better when I’m sad, since I have never really done something like that. Now I know what to do and what would cheer me up in these hard times. It has made me reflect on things I can continue doing like reading my favourite books or listening to motivating music. 

Daisy Dripps Year 7P

When I feel down or stressed, I will turn to my family for support. Sometimes I feel stressed and when I am stressed, I don’t like talking to people, but I have learnt that I need to be calm and just talk to a family member or friend about my problem. When I am down my pets come to me, like they know what is happening, and I now realize that hugging a pet is a great way to calm down and get yourself together. 

Serena Cunningham Year 7P

Elissa Aguis, Year 7G

Clara Salvo, Year 7R