Year 7s back at school

Sports Equipment

All Yr 7 Wellbeing classes have been provided with down balls and various sized skipping ropes to encourage being active during break times. 

Year 7B colour coded and distributed the equipment to classes today. 

Back to School Quotes

I’ve enjoyed learning from home, however i think being there in person is always better, considering you can see your friends in person.

Coming back to school was good because I got to come back and to see my friends and see my teachers. It was good because it was much easier to learn new things when you’re in the classroom as well.

The return back to school has been good. I enjoy being at school more than home learning and I love coming to school now and seeing all my friends.

It was good to return to school to see friends. It’s easier to ask for help during class and that slushies are at the canteen again.

I enjoyed returning to school because I get to see my friends in person. I enjoy the Clonard hats. They are cool.

It has been boring and weird because I have to get used to being at school and doing my work in person and not behind a screen.

Coming back to school has been good because I don’t have to stay home all day like when we were in remote learning.

I love seeing my friends again. And all the laughter that I hear at school, its very joyful when you’re at Clonard.

Coming back to school has been great. I’ve been able to see all my friends and be more involved in class. its actually great just seeing people around after being in lockdown for so long. It turns out I actually don’t mind the summer uniform as much as I was worrying about it and the new hat is great.

Being able to see friends.

I love seeing my friends every day and doing work together instead of calling each other.

My return to school has been difficult as I’m not used to the change of schedule. The new school hats keep my head warm and look pretty cool, me and my friends like to wear them. I love being back with my friends and being able to see my teachers again.

As you know this is only my second day back at school, but on Monday loved to see all my friends and teachers. I had lots of fun talking to my friends caching up during snack and lunch.

A good thing returning back to school is getting to see my friends face to face and getting to communicate and work with them and having laughs, but a not so good thing is waking up early and having to do my hair and lashes quicker to be on time for school.

Returning to school has been great so far, I have been able to see all my friends and catch up, I have also been enjoying the Summer uniform and our P.E. bike ED lessons. Coming back to school has been great and seeing all my friends and teachers was very good.

Coming back to school was fun because I got to see my friends again and I got to see everyone in person. I really liked the hats because it’s really funny because you can’t see out of them. I love that the slushies are back!!!!!!!

It’s good to be back at school because I get to spend time with all of my friends, and be able to laugh again with them. It’s nice to share stories with and laugh about all sorts of things.

My return to school felt like a normal school day besides from sleeping in. I got up in the morning and caught the bus like usual. The only difference between doing home learning and being at school is seeing all my friends. Being able to have a chat and have a laugh in person, to brighten up my day.

The return to school has been really nice to see all my friends in person. I also love seeing all my teachers in person as well. It is great just to be able to learn without issues with my laptop I have really enjoyed being at school.

I have enjoyed seeing my friends again because seeing people over a computer screen it not the same as seeing someone in person. I also enjoyed the food from the canteen, the line is not nearly as long because not everyone is at school.

Coming back to school is good because I can see my friends, and I do not get as distracted as when a was at home.

Seeing my friends again and getting into a routine again.

A good thing coming back to school is seeing my friends, classmates and teachers and not on a computer screen.

My return to school has been a bit difficult, getting up early, a lot to catch up on and new rules and restrictions that we have to follow but aside from those things I have liked coming back and being able to see my friends and being able to catch up on work.

The best thing about coming back is to see my friend and laugh. the hate are cool and work.

The return to School meant that I would be able to see the teachers and classmates. It has been great to be back in person at school but with every precaution to keep everyone happy an health in these time of Covid. I love been able to be offline and back to be in school.

Returning to school is tiring because we have to get up early but so worth it to see everyone. School is a place of learning and I for one am thrilled we get to go back full time. Seeing our teachers in person really makes getting up early worth it. Despite the many challenges imposed by covid19, being able to go back to school is a miracle.  I  hope we can all soon go back to full time.