Year 7s – Messages from your teachers

“I have been extremely happy with the organisation of the Year 7s, using their diaries, bringing required materials to class and having charged computers.”  – Ms Dalton

“I have been impressed with how the Year 7s have worked in science, always being enthusiastic about the stuff they are learning and being willing to ask questions.” – Mr Healy

“I am AMAZED how much French and Indonesian the year 7s can already speak after only 6 weeks – I love it when they greet me and ask me how I am (in French or Indonesian), as I’m walking through the school.” – Ms Quail

“I am impressed by how quickly the year 7s have adapted to using all the new technology and how quickly they were able to read their timetables.” – Miss King

“The year 7’s have settled into Clonard life so well!  They are friendly, polite and welcoming to their classmates. We are so lucky to have them come to Clonard.” –  Ms Blythe

“Year 7s are full of bounce and enthusiasm.  Eager to learn and, most importantly, they are not afraid to make a mistake and have a go.”  – Ms Bentley

“What an incredible group of Year 7s – so much kindness, excitement and curiosity. Some may even say they are ‘purrfect’. Keep up the great work.” – Ms Semjonov

“Fabulous 7 Blues – you are super stars! I am so impressed with the way you see yourselves as readers and writers and are working hard in class.” – Mrs Broekman

“I love the students are confident to ask questions when they need to understand more or need extra help.” – Mrs Kiernan

“I was just so proud of the calm and seamless way that the Year 7s coped with our short lockdown. I had 110 percent class attendance!” – Mrs Stephenson

It’s been great to see the year 7 students keen to learn and working hard.”Mr Vanderstoep

“I have been really impressed at the work ethic and effort the year 7s are putting into Humanities.” – Ms Katie Wilson

“I have enjoyed the year 7’s enthusiasm in all things ‘Clonard’ such as classes, house meetings and signing up for sports and extracurricular activities.” – Ms Canaway

“I am pleased to see the year 7s actively taking on board the language learning- they have been a delight to teach so far. MERCI.”  – Najat ​ ​

“I have been impressed with how the year 7 students have been working in Civics and Citizenship and how excited they are becoming about history. ​

I have also been impressed the English students and their focus in class.” – Mr Ryan 

“I’m enjoying the class, everybody if trying and lots of energy.”​ – Mr Brownen

“I am loving teaching Yr 7s again! It has been so many years since I have taught at this year level. The enthusiasm, excitement and ‘Wonder’ displayed has been heart-warming.”  – Mr Williams​

“I have really enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy from the year 7’s!” ​ – Ms Hackett ​

“I have really enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy from the year 7s!” ​ – Ms Congues ​