Big Day Out – Year 8 ‘Building Positive Connections’

‘The Year 8 Big Day Out was held at Torquay Front Beach on the 22 April. We all loved the food, activities and the quality time we spent with each other. After a morning full of walking and doing a scavenger hunt in the sun, we all played in the park, ate chips for lunch, ice-cream for dessert and headed back to school on the bus, we were tired but had the best day!’

Written By Abby


Some positive feedback we received from the facilitators of the event included:

  • Excellent communication, teamwork and leadership qualities showed by all girls at all challenge locations.
  • Excellent respect, manners and patience shown by the students to Uplift Events officials at each of the Challenge Locations
  • The girls listened to each other and was very inclusive of everyone in the group – each student’s opinion was valued and listened to and they all work together as a team to complete the challenges
  • Fantastic overall behaviour shown by the students throughout the entire event.

Therese Bourke
Wellbeing Community Leader Year 8