Year 8 Community of Kindness

Year 8 Wellbeing classes have learned that kindness is contagious and the by doing kind things for others it can not only make one feel better, but also reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

During this lock down, Year 8s have reached out to the community with the theme ‘Community of Kindness’ by writing letters for Aged Care homes including Kalkee Murray in Belmont and Belmont Grange in Grovedale.  Cards were made and hand delivered to staff who work at the facilities. In keeping with the theme of Kindness, Violet Young of Year 8 Green, has crocheted hearts for Barwon Health as keepsakes for families who have lost their babies during childbirth. So far, Violet has made 30 of these keepsakes and is loving the idea that she is contributing to our community. Well done Year 8s!

Fiona from Kalkee Murray with Office staff member Aimee.

Staff members, Ala and Sarah at Kalkee Murray.