A conversation can happen anywhere – at school, at work, in the car, outside, during your lunchbreak – but what is important is that we are talking about our goals and learning about communication skills. Connection Conversations provide us with feedback on how we are doing in class including our goals and we also get to do a wellbeing check with our teacher and family.
The nine-minute conversations involved speaking about what we have accomplished this term and how well we are doing in class. We also had the chance to talk about what we may need to improve on moving forward into Term Two. Connection conversations are about bonding with our Wellbeing teacher and building our relationships further to support us in learning and wellbeing.

‘It was helpful because we know what to improve on and develop our relationship with our Wellbeing teacher’. Paige/Madi

‘We got to bond and gain trust’. Paige/Issy

‘It helped to work on my goals and think about further achievements.’ Madi

‘I really enjoyed the connection conversations as I was able to talk to my wellbeing teacher with my parents. There was a specific time to talk together about my hopes and dreams. It made me feel happy and grateful.’ Charlotte