‘On the 25 October our English class went to an Kalkee Murray, Belmont, we had lots of fun and enjoyed meeting all the residents. We got to play games like bowling, hopscotch and sang songs together. We talked to residents and got to know them. We had a great time and we would love to meet then again.’ Sophia and Abbey

Year 8 English have been studying the text ‘Wonder’. As part of analysing the text in the community we visited residents at Kalkee Murray, Belmont. Students have completed a class task of writing to aged care residents outlining their work in English, which included sharing their understanding of the text/movie ‘Wonder.’  Students met with residents and participated in a community learning activity. This included showing kindness and friendliness towards others in the community which links to the themes of ‘Wonder.’ 


Student feedback:

‘Fun – we were welcomed.’

‘We learnt to be kinder – we were more social in a fun way.’

‘We treat the residents like other people – with kindness, respect and empathy.’

‘We learnt the importance of treating others with kindness – just like we learnt in Wonder.’