Year 8 Family Recipes

As a part of the process of creating an autobiography on the theme of ‘My Place’, students were invited to cook a meal at home and bring it into class along with a recipe and story of the meal. Students were lucky enough to sample traditional dishes from Greece, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Iraq, Macedonia as well as Truffles, Brownies, lemon slices, and pancakes from Geelong.

Each student spoke to the class about the dish that they had prepared and some of the cultural and family heritage of the dish.

Students will include the recipe and story of their dish in their autobiography which will include photos, poems, maps, stories, family trees, quotes and interviews with family member to build a rich portrait of themselves and their place at this stage of their lives.

Each student’s autobiography will presented, along with other work from cross-curricula subjects exploring ‘My Place’ on Tuesday 8 June, at Clonard College.