A Snapshot of Student Reflections – ‘Looking Outwards’

As part of the New Narrative for Learning students at Year 8 are continuing to develop skills in being self-directed in developing growth projects that focus on others. Students are supporting their extended families and local communities by making a difference to others by caring and using student agency for planning and implementing their projects. Some of their learning and reflections are highlighted below:


Learning about Empathy through My Growth Project – Caitlin 

For my Growth Project I am volunteering at Geelong Food Relief. I have to use empathy while volunteering to help me to understand that anyone who comes there for help is struggling, and that you can’t just assume that they are struggling because they are poor, their house may have burned down and they have to start again or they may be refugees but whatever it is I have to understand that they may be sensitive and that it is not my business to know what the reason is but to show empathy and care about making a difference.


 Volunteering at Our Village (Geelong Mums) – Airlie

Growth Projects this year is all about showing empathy and giving back to the community. My growth day project this year is Volunteering at Our Village (Geelong Mums) and donating the money I get from collecting 10 cent cans. By doing my growth day project I have learnt that empathy is all about putting yourself in other’s shoes and being able to know how someone else is feeling, even if you aren’t in the same situation.

St. Paul’s Opportunity Shop – Sophie

Our Growth Projects in Year 8 are focused on giving back to the community.  It is important to give back to the community because it helps us to explore going outside our comfort zones by trying something new and making a difference.

Growth Day Reflection – Keira

For my Growth Project I am volunteering at Clairvaux Primary School. On each Growth Day I go to Clairvaux and help the preps with their learning, whilst assisting the teachers with any other jobs they may need help working on. On my most recent Growth Day I helped the preps switch their reading books for new ones and did counting with them for the teacher to gather a better understanding on what the majority of preps needed more help with. I am developing my skills of engaging in dialogue by learning how to interact with 6-year-olds and staff of a school. My project allows for me to show empathy by understanding what pressure and patience teachers have when working in a classroom. For the rest of the year, I will continue to spend my Growth Days at Clairvaux.