On Wednesday 14 September, the Year 8 students held their Play, Humour and Fun Day at Clonard.

Groups of students proposed what they would envisage the Play, Humour and Fun Day would look like and then their peers voted on which day they would like to bring ‘to life’. Congratulations to the students with the winning theme and also for helping bring the day to life: Aisha, Sienna, Macy and Alana

This day was so much fun, and it was definitely a privilege. We haven’t had something like this before and it was exciting to come up with our own ideas and feel like we could also be at the comfort of the school while doing it. If you wanted to do something outgoing, we had piñatas and inflatables and yard games and our favourite the silent disco. You could jam out to tunes without disturbing anyone and you could even make recommendations. We also had a photobooth so you could take photos and keep that memory with you forever. If you wanted to relax for the day there was movies and bracelet making and colouring in, just to be calmer and still be productive. We also had a food van that had free churros for the students and hot chips and drinks available that we all could enjoy! This is something that took a lot of effort to put together, but it was so worth it in the end, and we were so glad we could participate in this day and be inclusive and have fun with all our friends. We hope we do something like this again sometime in our Clonard journey!

Thanks to the Year 8s for being outgoing and participating! – Pepa and Aisha, Year 8

A special thanks also to all the staff who made the day possible.