I remember when I first held her in my arms.
I remember bringing her home and never taking my eyes off her.
I remember all the memories we made, slowly becoming my best friend.
I remember spinning around on the carpet with her until we got dizzy.
I remember her licking all the tears off my face when I was crying.
I remember on a stormy day she used to crawl into my bed, ears back.
I remember putting my snow ear muffs on her to block out the noise of the storm.
I remember coming home from school everyday to her waiting for me at the door and seeing her smile.
I remember her back to front, like the back of my hand.
I remember when she started to lose all her motivation and energy.
I remember taking her into the vet multiple times with no bad news.
I remember going away on a trip with my friends and getting a phone call from mum.
I remember when mum softly said, “Ziggy has to get put down” – tears coming down my face.
I remember my last goodbye to her.
Saddest day of my life.
I remember riding home in the car looking out the window wishing she was still with me.

By Year 8 student, Isabella Farvis