Year 8 Remote Learning

Year 8 English - Horror Character Descriptions

Year 8s have been working on writing about character. It was also Bookweek dress-up day so the class was asked to dress up as the character they were writing about.

Sienna Mc Innes

So, the big old house sits at the end of the street with cobwebs hanging from every corner, the rotting grey wood paneling lining the outside of the house, and the grass growing up and over the sharp fence. On stormy nights often you can hear some of the doors within creaking open and shut, and those living nearby say they have heard the smashing of the windows inside too. 


The scream of the kids is loud enough to break some windows. Parents grab their kids and run. 

The black figure takes a few steps out the door, and yells with a deep scratchy voice, “I’M BACKKKK….!” 

The black figure stands with a black hood over its head. As it perches pigeon toed, it lifts its head, the man’s eyes are drooped with wrinkles engulfing his face. It hands are aged and bloody, and all that is left on his head are little white strands of hair. The figure reaches to his pockets and pulls out a knife in each hand, he holds them up in the air and laughs as if he is drunk


The knives are dripping with blood as he begins to whistle.

Year 8 Literacy Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Kendra Ward – My photo is something hairy and something with only 2 colours and has like a little stick.  ‘Feather’.

Daniella Seg – My photo is something that has different smells, it is seen in different colours and sizes, sometimes when it blooms it’s the prettiest thing. ‘Flower’.

Taylah Mikelsons – My photo is something that is very very small can get lost if you’re not looking after it and wears a bell. ‘Pet – Dog’.