Year 8 Wellbeing

Year 8 students have been creating connections with each other by participating in a scavenger hunt each wellbeing class.  The idea is that we can connect through fun activities and each week students vote on the activity that is most creative, unusual and meets the criteria of the weekly scavenger hunt. Activities include:

  • Find the most interesting cushion/pillow in your house
  • Take a photo of your weirdest patterned sock with a piece of sport equipment
  • Take a picture of your drink bottle wearing a hat
  • Take a photo of a teddy/doll/toy in your most exciting mug
  • Find the most interesting looking rock/pebble/stone

Feedback from some of our student leaders include:

‘It has been fun to take a break and be creative and use the TEAMS chat feature to give feedback and react to all the students in our wellbeing class.’ – Eve

‘I like the scavenger hunt -it has brought us together and we get to choose the best each week.’ – Ada

‘It is enjoyable’. – Tali

Thank you to all the Year 8 students for their amazing focus and working together in remote learning to support each other.


A big thank you to Ms. Hackett for organising this event for the Year 8 team.