Year 9 Food Studies were assigned to make different foods inspired by different countries around the world. My partner and I were specifically chosen to do French food, the food was made together in partners, and we just had to share it between two people which resulted in having plenty of leftovers.

The teams were simple – duos of our choice. Other countries that were chosen were Australian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, American and the list goes on. The way we chose our specific type of food was having a class discussion of different countries that are options for making a dish, then put those ideas onto a wheel then spun it to decide our desired food type. The research part was a pretty easy and simple way to come up with food dishes, the paper given to us for the research was easy to read and helped the teachers to buy each product for each team. The concept was easy to follow and ensured that everyone was able to have a simple recipe when it came to the day of cooking. Once we were given our countries, we had to do research on the country and figure out what food we were going to make. Because we were given France as our country it was a bit hard to find some savory French food but eventually, we decided on a steak and bacon sandwich with French fries. After we decided on our food, we had to make a shopping list of the ingredients we would need.

On the day we were cooking the teacher put our ingredients on our benches so then when we got there, we could start cooking straight away. When we started cooking, we split our food into two groups so then one of us would be cooking the steak and chips and the other would be making the sauce and the bacon.

We worked together to wash and dry once we were done with the utensils. When we were done cooking and cleaning, we made our sandwiches and put them on a plate to take a photo.

By Lainie and Phoebe