As part of Clonard College’s commitment to collaborative parentships, Year 7 and 8 students will have a connection conversation with their families and wellbeing teacher during Week 8 of this term. These brief conversations are an opportunity to stay connected, build relationships and provide an overall check in for students, families, and wellbeing teachers. Term 3 will be an opportunity to reflect on student’s wellbeing and learning goals, school transition for 2023, and to celebrate achievements to date.

These conversations complement the Parent Teacher interviews with subject teachers which have already been held this term and therefore will not report on individual subject areas.

In the best interests of students and families, interviews will be held via TEAMS.

All interviews will be held via TEAMS. 

 **PLEASE NOTE:  Some appointment times are during school / home transition and the library is open until 4.30pm.**

For Term 3, the Connection Conversations will be held as follows:

Year 7 – Tuesday 30 August between 11.20am and 6.00pm

Year 8 – Wednesday 31 August between 11.20am and 6.00pm.

**PLEASE NOTE:  Mrs. Purnell, 8 White – will not be available for Connection Conversations and will communicate directly with parents via email.**

Families are asked to book their conversation online using PAM. If you do not have your PAM login details, please contact the office. Please note, bookings will close on Sunday 28 August, 2022.

We look forward to connecting with you and your daughter.

Kind regards,

Lance Houlihan                                                                               
 Year 7 Wellbeing Community Leader

Therese Bourke
Year 8 Wellbeing Community Leader