Yr 8 Humanities: Landforms & Landscapes

As part of their investigation into coastal landforms and processes of deposition and erosion students in Year eight Humanities have been creating dioramas and 3D models of a variety of coastal landforms. Students were asked to make a range of depositional landforms and erosional landforms.

This was an innovative task where students were able to consult information about coastal landforms on their Humanities ebook and then collaborate with another student to apply their knowledge and understanding of how coastal landforms are continually undergoing processes of change. Students really enjoyed becoming active and making the landforms from a variety of materials such as cardboard paper and tape.     

They also painted the landforms in appropriate colours replicating coastal locations. Furthermore, students annotated each landform and wrote short descriptions on the erosional or depositional processes affecting their chosen landforms. This creative task was a prelude to a guest speaker from the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) visiting the school on March 12 to inform students on the role that GORCC plays in maintaining and managing the coast between Queenscliff and Anglesea.

After this, Year eight students will undertake a field trip to Torquay where they will examine the processes of change that are taking place daily on our local beaches. The coastal landforms are currently on display in the Brigidine Centre.