10 Creative Art

What is this subject about:

Playing and exploring materials and techniques to making and creating to develop your creative practice as an artist.

Students build on their awareness of how and why artists, craftspeople and designers realise their ideas through different visual arts practices. They refine their personal aesthetic through working and responding perceptively as an artist, craftsperson or audience. They identify and explain how artists and audiences interpret artworks through explorations of different viewpoints.

As they make and respond to visual artworks, students use conceptual explanations to critically reflect on the contribution of visual arts practitioners. They adapt ideas, visual images and practices from selected artists and use them to inform their own personal aesthetic when making artworks and presenting them to an audience.

As they experience visual arts, students draw on artworks from a range of cultures, times and locations. They reflect on the development of different traditional and contemporary styles of art works.

Students extend their understanding of safe visual arts practices and choose to use sustainable materials, techniques and technologies.

Why choose this subject:

“Innovation depends on the generation of new ideas and therefore creativity.” – BCAR

Creative skills for the future economy is important, as our world becomes more automated, creative skills are in and will continue to be in higher demand.

Discover new ways to look at the world and be inspired by innovative artists.

Voice your opinion, using a visual diary to document your journey as you build an understanding of were cultural has come from and where it is going.

Make and Create your own work, using new skills with teacher guidance to discover how art is more than an ‘ability’.

This subject accommodates all abilities and levels of experience.

What are we going to be studying?

Explore and Express Ideas – Explore the visual arts practices and styles as inspiration to develop a personal style, explore, express ideas, concepts and themes in art works. Explore how artists manipulate materials, techniques, technologies and processes to develop and express their intentions in art works.

Visual Arts Practice – Select and manipulate materials, techniques, and technologies and processes in a range of art forms to express ideas, concepts and themes. Conceptualise, plan and design art works that express ideas, concepts and artistic intentions.

Present and Preform – Create, present, analyse and evaluate displays of artwork considering how ideas can be conveyed to an audience.

Respond and Interpret – Analyse and interpret artworks to explore the different forms of expression, intentions and viewpoints of artists and how they are viewed by audiences. Analyse, interpret and evaluate a range of visual artworks from different cultures, historical and contemporary contexts, including artworks by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to explore differing viewpoints.

Taste skills in a variety of use of materials possibly including:
Painting – working with various materials from watercolours, to acrylic and inks.
Drawing – using pencil, charcoal, pastels soft and oil.
Print Making – using lino and lithograph techniques.
Sculpture – working in 3D to develop form using paper mâché, ceramics, found materials.
Photography – use of SLR cameras and access to green screen.
Installation – exploring space and how it can be used, with light, and sound.

This is an opportunity to explore your creative thinking;

You will know how artists communicate ideas and convey meaning in artworks.

You will make connections between techniques, processes and visual conventions in artworks to develop your own art practice.

You will express ideas and viewpoints in their artworks.

You will be the most interesting person in the room, with your knowledge of artworks and exhibitions from different cultures, times and places, and discuss how ideas and beliefs are interpreted by audiences.

Where does this subject go?

Year 9 – Creative Art – Computer Design, Digital Photography, Visual Communication, Studio Arts

Year 10 – Creative Art – Computer Design, Digital Photography, Visual Communication, Studio Arts

Year 11 – Units 1 & 2 – Arts Creative Practice

Year 12 – Units 3 & 4 –Art Creative Practice