How to enrol

How to enrol

Year 7 Enrolment Criteria

Enrolment in Year 7 at Clonard College is offered to girls in the last year of their primary school education.

The selection process is governed by the following criteria, in order of priority.

  • Catholic girls from Catholic primary schools
  • Catholic girls from non Catholic primary schools
  • Girls with a sister attending Clonard
  • Girls from Eastern Rite churches
  • Girls whose mother attended Clonard
  • Girls from other Christian denominations
  • Girls from primary schools local to Clonard (Hamlyn Banks, Herne Hill, Manifold Heights)

Girls enrolling as Catholics will require documentary evidence which may include certificate of baptism, certificate of communion, and certificate of confirmation.

Enrolments for Year 7 2021 close on Friday, May 22 2020.

Enrolment For Years 8 - 12

Occasionally, vacancies arise at Clonard, throughout the year, and may occur at any year level.

Such vacancies are filled from a waiting list. Families seeking to have their daughter placed on this waiting list will need to submit an Application for Enrolment Form.

Families offered places from the waiting list will then be asked to complete and submit an Enrolment Form and pay a non refundable fee of $80 to establish their daughter’s enrolment.

Year 7 Enrolment Timeline

Enrolments for Year 7 2021 are now open and will close on Friday May 22 2020.
The information presented below summarises and explains the sequence of activities during the enrolment year (year 6 at primary school) and gives approximate dates/deadlines for each of the enrolment events.

Clonard College Open Day
Families have the opportunity to visit Clonard and witness, first hand, the facilities, resources, staff, and programs.
Friday, March 13th 2020
Application For Enrolment
Families must complete and submit Application Enrolment Form.
Submissions are accepted from the first day of the school year and close on Friday, May 8 2020.
Assesment of Applications
Families with multiple applications (at Clonard and/or Sacred Heart and/or St Ignatius) who are likely to receive an offer are contacted and asked to indicate their first preference.
Late May to early June
First Round Offers
Families are notified by email of either successful application or unsuccessful application.
Mid June
Acceptance (or Decline) of Offers
Accepting families must submit Enrolment Form and pay Enrolment Establishment Fee by due date. The Enrolment Establishment Fee is $180 and $80 is non-refundable. ($80 of which is a fee for acceptance of enrolment, the other $100 will be applied to College fees for the first term of enrolment). Unsuccessful families are asked to reply to the letter by the due date if they would like to be placed on the waiting list.
End Of Term 2
Waiting List Composed
The waiting list is composed of families whose application was not initially successful and who indicate a desire to be placed on the waiting list.
Early Term 3
Second Round Offers
Vacancies created by families declining enrolment or for any other reason, are filled from the waiting list. Emails will be accompanied by an Enrolment Form and families will be asked to submit completed form and Enrolment Establishment Fee (see "Acceptance (or Decline) of Offers", above) by a nominated date to confirm their enrolment. (Note: the waiting list may be retained after the start of the next school year, if appropriate.)
From Term 3 until the end of the school year