Enrolment at Clonard

Enrolment at Clonard

Kildare Education Ministry schools have always been part of the local community and as such have had a diverse intake of students. Inclusivity was a key dimension of the ministry of Jesus who invited all to ‘come and see’. Reflecting our value of ‘Hospitality- welcoming all’, we take an inclusive position in relation to our enrolment policy. Whilst priority will be given to families who actively participate in the life of the Catholic Church, others are welcome to apply. As such there will be students who are not Catholic who may be enrolled in our College. Our experience has been that these students have enriched the school community and at the same time, most have maintained that they themselves have been enriched by the experience of a Christian education. Many of these students have remained lifetime friends and supporters of our College.

Today as neighbourhoods change there is also diversity in the religious, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds of those seeking enrolment. It is important that our enrolment demographic reflects this diversity where possible. We recognise there will be alumni of our College who are also seeking to continue the tradition of an education in the Brigidine tradition aligned to the Kildare Ministries Vision, Mission and Values. We are also mindful of the needs of families in regional locations as they come to choose a secondary education setting for their daughters.

Year 7 Enrolment Timeline

The information presented below summarises and explains the sequence of activities during the enrolment year (Year 6 at primary school) and gives approximate dates/deadlines for each of the enrolment events.

  • Year 7 2025 Applications Open January 2024
  • Open Days held during March each year
  • Offers are issued approx. June for Year 7 2025 positions
  • Parent Information evening in October
  • Year 7 2024 Orientation in December

Virtual Walkthrough Tour

Welcome to Clonard College’s exciting new 3D virtual tour! This innovative feature allows you to explore our campus from the comfort of your own home. With just a few clicks, you can navigate through our outdoor learning area, art room, textiles room, Brigidine Centre (both upstairs and downstairs), careers and study space, food technology kitchen, chapel, Clonard House, Delany Area and Canteen, Tullow Hall, Kildare Theatre, general learning area, and music area.

Whether you are a prospective student, a parent, or simply curious about our school, our 3D virtual tour offers an immersive and interactive experience that showcases the many facets of our vibrant community.

College Tours

To arrange a tour of the College, please contact the College Registrar registrar@clonard.vic.edu.au

Enrolment Criteria 

Offers of enrolment are discerned using the following criteria: 

  • Applicants from the Catholic faith tradition  
  • Applicants with a sister attending Clonard 
  • Applicants from other Christian traditions 
  • Applicants from other faith traditions
  • Applicants whose mother attended Clonard 
  • Applicants from disadvantaged or marginalised backgrounds  
  • Applicants from primary schools local to Clonard or rural towns to the west of Clonard
  • Applicants from other primary schools 

Girls enrolling as Catholics will require documentary evidence which may include certificate of baptism, certificate of communion, and certificate of confirmation.

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