Leadership at Clonard College is both inspired by and animates the Kildare Ministries values. We strive for each student to achieve their best in a culture that values learning, hope and purpose. Our students are at the centre of all that we do. We partner with students as leaders engaging their voice and agency.

Leadership at Clonard College has a particular orientation of ministry to others based on the person of Jesus Christ. Servant leadership has a particular focus on empowering others to exercise leadership in their own right. It seeks to build agreement about shared vision and values which become a reference point for all who work in the name of our school.

Our leaders influence through the spheres of faith, community, learning and teaching and wellbeing, to bring to life the strategic intentions of the College, working collaboratively to ensure improvements in student learning, wellbeing and engagement and development of our College graduate outcomes

Leaders have a commitment to be faith witnesses, lead and influence continuous improvement, mentor and develop aspiring leaders, build the capacity of staff in all areas of College life and engage in ongoing personal and professional learning, especially in the field of leadership. We expect leaders to hold the strategic vision of the College.

Our current model of Leadership reflects these principles and values.

What you are those who come after you will be - Daniel Delany

Our Leadership Model