Breadth Years

Breadth Years

Years 7 & 8

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Year 7

In the first year of secondary school, Year 7 students and families will be immersed in a supportive program with a focus on relationships and building an inclusive culture amongst the Year level. 

In our aims to forge a partnership with families, we invite parents/carers to engage with us in a number of ways, including at our Parent Welcome Evening, Parent- Teacher Interviews, Connection Conversations and Career Action Plan meetings. 

In Term 1, students will embark on a 3 day camp to further build connections, learn more about themselves and start thinking about goals for the future. 

In Wellbeing classes the Year 7s will undertake a program with a focus on:

  • Transition 
  • Emotional literacy, empathy and compassion
  • Character Strengths and Core Values
  • Positive Coping and Self Knowledge
  • Positivity, Hope and Gratitude

Helpful Resources:

For more information regarding Year 7 at Clonard College please refer to the following document:

The Catholic Education Office also supplies an online handbook for parents via this link.

Year 7 Locker Training Video:

Year 8

In Year 8 the curriculum focuses on strengthening and developing the skills and knowledge in the subject areas from Year 7.

There is a small elective program for students in Year 8 to enable them to work with students in other classes and to give them some agency.

Please be aware that the choices are within subject areas rather than students electing into and out of subjects.

Year 7Year8
Religious EducationReligious Education
English - Advanced classes available by invitationEnglish - Advanced classes available by invitation
Mathematics - Advanced classes available by invitationMathematics - Advanced classes available by invitation
Humanities (History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Citizenship)Humanities (History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Citizenship) - students exercise individual choices in some depth studies.
LOTE – French or IndonesianLOTE – French or Indonesian
Performing Arts - (Music and Drama) (1 Semester)Performing Arts - (Drama and Music) (1 Semester)
Visual Arts (1 Semester) Visual Arts (1 Semester) - Students select a pair of Visual Arts foci for the semester.
DigiSTEM (1 Semester)DigiSTEM (1 Semester)
Food Studies (1 Semester)Food Studies (1 Semester)


In the Breadth Years, we believe that establishing healthy homework patterns is important but it should be in balance with a student’s home-life, social life and sporting life.  Students should have a study schedule that works for them and their schedule and family priorities.  
We also believe that ‘busy work’ or homework for the sake of it, lacks authenticity and value.  Therefore, the only homework permitted in the Breadth Years is revision, recitation or rote.  Students should only require their laptops if they are undertaking an online program that is part of this kind of learning for a subject area, eg: HotMaths, Literacy Planet, Language Perfect.  
Year 7Year8
20 minutes of Mathematics per night (100 mins per week)20 minutes Mathematics per night (100 mins/week)
20 minutes of Reading per night (100 mins per week)20 minutes of Reading per night (100 mins per week)
20 minutes of homework for each subject per week (180 minutes per week)30 minutes of homework for each subject per week (270 minutes per week)
Total: Approx. 6.5 hours per week.Total: Less than 8 hours per week