Music Instrumental Program

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Music Instrumental Program

Music has a high priority within Clonard’s curriculum. Music Technology for making and creating music is implemented in the classroom and dedicated instrumental rehearsal spaces provide excellent facilities in this area of the curriculum.

Each music student learns music performance, organisation of sound (composition and improvisation) and musicianship (analysis, appreciation, theory and aural). 

Music is a core subject in Years 7 and 8 and is offered as an elective subject in Years 9, 10 and VCE. 

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Year 7 Instrumental Program

Because of our belief in the intellectual and personal benefits for students of learning music, Clonard has developed an instrumental music program which enables all Year 7 students to study an orchestral instrument for one semester.

The College has purchased instruments so that students can be provided with an instrument, to take home for the semester, at no charge.

Weekly lessons for small groups of students are provided by experienced instrumental teachers. The College covers the cost of these lessons. Students also have one lesson per week to work together in ensemble to develop their skills in playing as part of a band.

At the end of the semester the students perform a concert of several beginner concert band pieces as one large band as well as shorter pieces as part of their small instrumental group.

Private Instrumental Lessons

Numerous studies indicate substantial benefits for students involved in practical music.  It enhances a variety of skills such as problem solving, memory skills, processing speed, teamwork and co-ordination.  The self confidence, pleasure and sense of accomplishment are enriching and become a source of pride for the student and the entire family.

Clonard offers a high standard of music tuition with lessons given by staff that are committed to music education and have themselves achieved personal musical excellence. Lessons are given with sensitivity and care in pleasant, well-appointed music studios, by teachers that recognise the individual interests and abilities of their students.

In providing music tuition for your daughter you are offering an opportunity for self expression, creativity and achievement that will be an investment in her future.

Students are encouraged to join one of the College ensembles that perform at special occasion liturgies, school assemblies, performance evenings, eisteddfods and camps/festivals. These include the area to the table to the right:

Instrumental music lessons are scheduled at different times each week so that students do not miss the same subject on a regular basis.

2023 Instrumental Music Program Teachers

Marcia Howard (Classroom Music teacher, Vocal Director and Music Leader) Allister Cox (Woodwind) Mae Udarbe (Strings) Emma Piera (Strings) Tom Fraser (Guitar and Bass Guitar) Steve Hobbs (Guitar and Bass Guitar) Martin Greet (Brass) Sally Hobbs (Flute) Greg Gosbell (Drums and Percussion) Yiyun Gu (Piano) Erika Turner (Voice)

For more information on what is available as part of the Clonard Instrumental Program, please visit the ‘Music at Clonard Information Sheet’ below:

Piano Voice Guitar
ViolinViola Cello
TrumpetFrench Horn Trombone
FluteClarinet Saxophone
Euphonium Double Bass Percussion/Drums
Large String EnsembleString QuartetChamber Choir
ChoirRock Band Concert Band
Big Al's Allstars (Big Band) Various Chamber Ensembles

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Lesson Descriptions

Individual 30 minute/45 minute lesson

An individual lesson is always the best option. Music students always make the most progress in this setting where they have one-to-one tuition from an instrumental teacher. This is the only option for students doing or planning to do music exams or VCE music. This option gives the student the freedom to work on anything they want. That might include exams, various styles of music, performance preparation or ensemble preparation. Students taking individual lessons are encouraged to join one of our ensembles (concert band, stage band, string ensemble, rock band, choir, etc).

Instruments are available for hire. Payment for these lessons are made directly to the instrumental teacher.

Group Lesson of 2 – Beginner Only

A group lesson of 2 is similar to the individual lesson and can be a good way to get started on an instrument. Both students need to be at roughly the same level in order for the lesson to function efficiently. This can be a good option for students who like working with others but still want to make good progress on their instrument. Students taking group lessons are encouraged to join one of our ensembles (concert band, stage band, string ensemble, rock band, choir, etc).

Instruments are available for hire. Payment for these lessons are made directly to the instrumental teacher.

Band Lesson - 45 minute lesson

Not available for piano, guitar or voice.
This lesson is for the student who would like to join one of our bands and continue with the kind of group music making they experienced in the Year 7 program. 

These lessons are 45 minutes in duration and run outside of school time (lunchtime or after school) with 3 to 6 students. 

These lessons will focus on music that is being learnt in the ensemble (concert band, stage band or string ensemble) and the students are required to join one of these ensembles.

Rehearsals for 2023 are as follows:
Concert Band rehearses 3.30 – 5.00pm Tuesdays,
Stage Band rehearses 3.30 – 4.30pm Thursdays,
String Ensemble rehearses lunchtime Tuesdays.

Students enrolled in these lessons will also be supplied an instrument (if needed) at no extra cost. Payment for these lessons are added to your school fees.

Marcia Howard
Clonard Classroom Music teacher, Vocal Director and Music Leader