Year 8 Digitech

The students have been exploring some digital applications, a perfect remote learning task. The brief was to make a group shot with your friends and include a funny caption and they nailed it!

Virtual Model UN

Year 11 and 12 politics students participated in a virtual Model UN. Students were allocated a variety of countries and had to develop a position on several resolutions. They used their negotiation skills to use their power of veto, or come to an agreement. we […]

Monash Scholars

Matilda Hardwick submitted an application to the highly competitive Monash Scholars program which was successful. She has been offered an open place in the Class of 2021-2023. Monash Scholars is a prestigious program for high achieving secondary school students. The program is offered by Monash University to […]

Principal’s Blog

Birthdays are markers of life’s journey. This year we celebrate 65 years as a College. Just like we celebrate our birthdays it is important that we mark our College milestones. For 65 years Clonard has been a place where nearly 7000 young women have been […]

Olympic Change-Maker Award Recipients

Sarah Hardwick of Yr 12 and Ella Mustovic of Yr 11 been selected as a 2021 Australian Olympic Change-Maker Award Recipient. The Australian Olympic Change-Maker program recognises students who demonstrate the Olympic spirit through leadership and driving positive change in their communities. Sarah is an […]

Yr 7 Numeracy ‘Number and Algebra’

The Yr 7 Numeracy class’ current unit is ‘Number and Algebra’.  During their class today, Friday, the class took part in a Kahoot. The students were asked to completed number patterns and identify rules.  Gold to Peppa, silver to Dakottah and bronze to Emmerson.  Kahoot is […]

Olympics Display

The Olympics are with us and so too is the Brigidine Centre library Olympic display. The display has been organized, designed and presented by Ms Bath. The display includes clothing and materials from Ms Blythe’s Olympic collection as well as memorabilia from Ms Rush’s attendance […]

‘On a Scale of Spongebob’ check-in

Year 7B Wellbeing Teacher, Mr Lance Houlihan, checked in to see how the class was feeling at the start of Friday morning’s Period 1 Wellbeing lesson using a temperature check-in called, ‘On a Scale of Spongebob’.  These check-ins are a great way for teachers to […]

Faces of Clonard

Sr Geraldine Sheedy Sr Geraldine Sheedy became a Brigidine Sister in 1962, a teacher in 1964 and worked in many schools before arriving at Clonard in 2002. Sr Geraldine’s work at Clonard is impossible to place under a position or title as her work has […]