Getting to school


Geelong has an extensive public transport network comprised of buses and trains, catering to the easy access to Clonard from anywhere in the Greater Geelong region.

The bus network in Geelong is operated by two entities:

CDC Victoria – services West and North Geelong suburbs.
P: 5240 5000 W:

McHarry’s Bus – services South & East Geelong suburbs, Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula lines.
P: 5223 2111  W:

McHarrys Country Service – contract buses operate for students travelling from outer Geelong regions. The Regional School Contract Bus Coordinator is Shelley Ann Grant.
P: 4243 0504 E:

Conveyance Allowance

Conveyance Allowance is financial assistance for parents/guardians with students accessing the public transport system or private bus.

Eligibility criteria:

* Student resides 4.8km or further from Clonard College – refer Bing maps website.

* Student is attending their nearest specific school ie: Catholic same gender school.

If Clonard is not the nearest school to your address, a ‘Non-Acceptance’ letter must be provided from the school nearest to you and submitted with your application.

If your circumstances meet the criteria of eligibility, a claim is made on your behalf and credited to your fee account.


To apply for conveyance allowance:

A PTV Approved School Student ID is now accepted as students’ entitlement to buy student passes and concession fares. This new, flexible option means that students at Clonard College no longer need to arrange, pay for and carry the dedicated PTV School Student ID to travel on student passes or concession fares.

A valid student Clonard ID card is adequate and required in order to purchase the yearly or half-yearly pass.

If your daughter does not have a valid Clonard College ID the following process below is required.

  1. Complete 2020 PTV Application form with two passport photos.
  2. Validate the 2020 PTV Application form at the Administration Office at Clonard College
  3. Submit the form at VLine or PTV Hub and pay for yearly/half-yearly pass.
  4. Complete the relevant Conveyance Allowance Application and submit this to the Administration Office at Clonard College along with: 

 – Copy of PTV pass or receipt of purchase

 – ‘Non-Acceptance’ letter if applicable. 

Please note:

* If you have a change of address the Conveyance Application Form must be re-submitted.

* Application for Conveyance Allowance does not need to be submitted each year however proof or PTV pass purchase needs to be submitted for Clonard to claim on your behalf.

For more information please contact:

Conveyance Allowance & Bus Coordinator:

Bus Interchange Map